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It’s the weekend, let me show you how I make the most of it…

A fit rider winning races might seem very lucrative on the front, but on the back-end, it is the sheer perseverance, persistence, and consistent hard work that goes in to acquire the fitness to win races. My weekend routine explains exactly a portion of this backend of the story, and I have been doing this every weekend without a break. It is more like a ritual for me now.

I am a morning person… I love to get up before sunrise. The early hours simply awaken the explorer inside me. And then I take my love…my bike for a ride into territories unknown. It is a method I use for soul searching, to explore myself. Being close to nature alone lets you tap into your obscure dimensions. It is a soothing feeling, a relaxing moment in which I focus on myself, my goals both achieved and awaiting. The quest to myself seems to be everlasting …even in those quiet moments, I cannot figure out my ultimate goal in life. So I rest these questions and bask in the glory of the rising sun, catching up with positive energies and motivating myself to venture into new challenges, meet new people and visit new places.

I don’t know whether it is in my nature or my experiences that have made me this way. I expect something more fascinating beyond every road bend and this fascination gives me the adrenaline rush to go crazier for my challenges.

“I love being me all the time. Nothing excites me more than this craziness.”

Back from the wilderness when I return, I find myself more energized than ever. My daily stretching routine follows my comeback along with foam roller massage. I have customised my stretching routine with traditional yoga-based stretches. This helps me with much-needed flexibility and control at the same time. Exercises on Sundays are much exhaustive than on weekdays. There is scope to explore and improvise and believe me I make the most out of this opportunity.

“Sunday Exercise is the key to get me going all week long with suppleness and ease.”

A protein-rich diet is what an athlete thrives on and so do I.  Protein shake alongside boiled eggs is my much-needed nutrition to quench my appetite and provide me with the necessary fuel. For dinner, the emphasis is again on a protein-rich meal. I have my custom-made meal plan for the entire week which I follow like belief.

“Pain is a weakness and it must be removed,” and believe me nothing helps better than a hot water bath. It refreshes your senses and drives away tiredness. What proves your day was an accomplished one? It is a sound sleep at the end of the day and with such a Sunday routine, I sleep like a baby.

Well, this routine is just a part of the multifaceted approach which I take to prepare for the endurance rides but it re-energises me week after week to improvise on myself. I utilize this full day to push my limits and spread recovery throughout the week.

The weekend is also a time to have a thorough check-up of my biking gear and equipment. Their maintenance is also as crucial as mine.

And I to keep going week after week… Looking forward to the challenges ahead and memories to cherish for the lifetime…

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