Race Across America (RAAM) is one the most respected and longest running endurance sports event.  It is the toughest endurance cycling race at present, where the cyclist has to cover

  • 5000 km (West coast to East coast)
  • Elevation gain of over 53,400 m (equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest over 06 times)
  • 4 time zones & 12 states
  • Rider has to ride day and night and finish 5000 km within 12 days.

RAAM has been challenging ultra-cyclists from around the globe to push their physical and mental limits to the farthest reaches. Starting in Oceanside, under one of the longest piers in California, RAAM spans 3000 miles, climbs 175,000 feet, crosses 12 states and finishes at City Dock in Annapolis, Maryland, the east coast sailing mecca. The route travels west to east, traversing three major mountain ranges (Sierra, Rocky and Appalachian), crosses four of America’s longest rivers (Colorado, Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio) and the Great Plains. The route passes through iconic American landmarks as the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts and Monument Valley.

Elevation Profile

Compared with the three-week, 2,200-mile Tour de France, which is generally acknowledged to be the world`s most demanding event, RAAM requires relatively low power outputs, but RAAM`s unceasing nature and epic length (800 miles more than the Tour de France) in roughly a third of the time makes it in some ways, a more purer test of grit and determination. In short, RAAM is the true test of speed, endurance, strength and camaraderie.


The team was fully ready for the ultimate challenge at Race Across America 2019 as TEAM INSPIRE INDIA. A contender in solo category of RAAM and had an aim to bring home the ARMED FORCES CUP from RAAM. The training drill was off the mark and we did Ultra Spice Race 2019 as a simulation ride with the complete crew who were to accompany me at RAAM. Our strategy, nutrition planning, sleep pattern, etc everything was put to test to extract the most out of the event. This event not only marked me as the winner of 1750 km race by a big margin but also established me as new record bearer for the 1750 km Goa-Ooty-Goa route.

During the final spell of training in Borrego Springs, California, I broke my right collar bone during a ride on 20 May 2019 just 20 days before the start. We had to forgo the event to heal the injury. It was a team decision in best interest for a full-fledged come back for RAAM 2020.

Three months on from the injury, I was in good shape to get back to training sessions. However, not everyone felt optimistic about my comeback. Dismissing all doubts I successfully cruised in to attempt the Guinness Record for solo cycling from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, all with a new crew. Without any prior experience of working together, we traversed the length of India (3604Km) in 08 days 09 hours & 45 minutes surpassing the existing milestone by almost 02 days. This achievement circulated a new sense of spark in the team to brace for RAAM 2020 with double the zeal.

Year 2020 is the start of new decade and we were coming up for the Race Across America (RAAM) with a new zeal. The calendar was booked for this event in June and our team was in high spirits for it. But, as fate would have it, the world was struck by COVID-19 pandemic resulting into cancellation of sporting events around the world. RAAM 2020 was cancelled and all the entries were rolled over to the year 2021.



As I was well trained to face the toughest challenge at RAAM 2020 and didn`t wanted it to go in vain. I jolted down a plan for myself for the year 2020 to keep myself focused towards training and my team motivated. The plan unfolds as I bring the plan to reality.

Looking forward to RAAM 2021.



The difference between success and failure is a great team.

Tracy Mckay

Coach & Strategist

Darshan Dubey

Crew Chief

Jyoti Tripathi

Assistant Crew Chief

Aarti Nagrani


Ajay Khalde

RV Manager


RV Manager

Sandeep Yadav


Saish Solankar


Sushant Jadhav