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Cycling to me is an elixir for the soul.

Myself, Lt Col Bharat Kumar, a serving officer of the Indian Army. A graduate in aeronautical engineering, my mastery skills narrow down to helicopters.

Born in Rohtak and brought up across the length and breadth of India, cycling is love for me since my very childhood.  However, I never imagined to take it in all seriousness, hence, it just remained a mode of recreation until I moved to Nashik in September 2016. It was the tipping point from where I set the wheels spinning and pedals rolling.

Back then it was just leisure rides as escape tools from the routine hustle-bustle. But sooner, I realized cycling was my high, and I mushroomed it to greater levels.  For the focus, I needed a goal and Super Randonneur title it was. Two months from then and whoosh… target achieved. Sooner I was gearing up for the next level to become a RAAM Qualified cyclist. The best outcome of Super Randonneur title was the confident me, ready to risk out for next level tougher ultra-endurance cycling race.

Cycling is a race, but in true sense it is a journey, where life not only shows you new places but also, new people, some of which become friends for life. There are memories to cherish for life.

Gradually, I put my steps forward to racing and decided to participate in the 1st edition of The Ultra Spice Race, organised by INSPIRE INDIA. As a first timer, the road was unknown, we as a team didn`t have any experience of the multi-faceted strategies which need to apply in an ultra race. Although it was nerve-racking to sign up I pitched in the gamble for the 1000 km category. This leap worked wonders for me and I recorded my name as the first Indian to successfully complete any Ultra race in India of a distance longer than 400 miles. The cherry on the cake was that it was a qualifier for the prestigious RAAM and whola I did it!


We need to break self-created mental barriers which hamper our progress. We should think big and have untiring attitude to achieve the target despite all odds. Everyone is gifted; we just need to open the package.

Two targets down… and the third in line, Race Around Austria (RAA) – was set in August 2017. We took the dive on 29th March to register for the 2200 km race in 2-Person team category. At that point it was just the two of us, Darshan and I. We knew, we had to set up a strong backend crew and logistics. It was going to be tough but not impossible. With consistent efforts alongside our training we were able to muster an awesome and experienced team. We came up with flying colors in Austria as the first Indians to successfully finish any ultra race in Europe. The quote "When going gets tough, tough gets going" suited best for us in this context.


By this time I had immersed myself in the world of cycling and I was ready for another role; as a crew member for TEAM SEA TO SEE, a visually impaired team. I was there as navigator/driver of the follow van in RAAM 2018. With combined efforts, the team became is the first Visually Impaired team to complete RAAM.

A good team is like a well-oiled machine where every component is aware of its task and desired results are produced without any friction. The most important thing which keeps me moving is my support crew. I as a rider can`t dare to give up in front of my team who takes so much of hardships/sacrifices to make me achieve the target .

Next on the list was my own attempt at RAAM 2019 in the solo category.

The preparation was in full swing for the ultimate challenge at Race Across America as TEAM INSPIRE INDIA. As a contender in the solo category of RAAM and we had an aim to bring home the ARMED FORCES CUP from RAAM. The training drill was off the mark and we did Ultra Spice Race 2019 as a simulation ride with the complete crew who were to accompany me at RAAM 2019. Our strategy, nutrition planning, sleep pattern, etc everything was put to test to extract the most out of the event. This event not only marked me as the winner of 1750 km race by a big margin but also established me as new record bearer for the 1750 km Goa-Ooty-Goa route.

During the final spell of training for RAAM 2019 in Borrego Springs, California, I broke my right collar bone during a ride on 20 May 2019 just 20 days before the start. We had to forgo the event to heal the injury. It was a team decision in the best interest for a full-fledged come back for RAAM 2020.

Everyone deals with adversity. It`s how you bounce back from it.

Three months on from the injury, I was in good shape to get back to training sessions. However, not everyone felt optimistic about my comeback. Dismissing all doubts I successfully cruised in to attempt the Guinness Record for solo cycling from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, all with a new crew. Without any prior experience of working together, we traversed the length of the country (3604Km) in 08 days 09 hours & 45 minutes surpassing the existing milestone by almost 02 days. This achievement circulated a new sense of spark in the team to brace for RAAM 2020 with double the zeal.

Year 2020 is the start of the new decade and we were coming up for the Race Across America (RAAM) with a new zeal. The calendar was booked for this event in June and our team was in high spirits for it. But, as fate would have it, the world was struck by COVID-19 pandemic resulting into cancellation of sporting events around the world. RAAM 2020 was cancelled and all the entries were rolled over to the year 2021.

Endurance – the power to withstand pain or hardships, the ability of strength to continue despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions.

Ultra-endurance events are not only about physical endurance, but it is also a mix of mental strength. A correct combination of both can boost up the rider’s performance manifold. Since April 2018, I am training with Mr Tracy Mckay, Alabama, US, a veteran for providing endurance training to athletes. As a coach, he has never restricted himself to just design my training routine but has helped me train my mental faculties to believe that sky is not the limit to human capabilities.

A chain is as strong as its weakest link, and the same applies to our body as well. Every ride is a lesson and through this learning process I have had lows which hampered my progress gravely, but I fought back. There were serious balancing issues while using aero-bars and I have to avoid them during my first 1000 km Ultra Spice Race. Gradually, I got accustomed to them. Then, there was a pain in my left knee, for which I had to regularize the use of cleats and it took me nearly 18 months to get comfortable using them. Eventually, I use them in races since Deccan Cliffhanger 2018. At present, I am facing pain in my lower back and I will surely bounce back with proper care and physiotherapy sessions.

Any ultra-cycling race is a tough one depending upon the number of variables which affect your race. You need the right kind of mindset, strong logistics, understanding crew, regular training and apt strategy.

All in all, it is a team performance, an able and supporting teamwill always have the rider’s back. And I feel truly blessed and motivated when I look up to the selfless attitude with which each person of my crew works. My journey revolves around me, but to the core of it is an incredibly supportive family, which pushes me through all odds to be capable enough to trace my own path alongside a 24X7 job responsibility.


Ultra-endurance cycling for me is a path of full on excitement and adventure. Challenging myself to gear up for higher levels is a staircase which I take in search of finding myself. My dive into the world of Ultra Cycling was well thought of decision and sometimes I pat my own back for taking this sound decision. The road and route both have been tough but I like the immersive experiences I gain when I meet stalwarts in this field. Cycling for them is a passion so high that they encourage it in all walks of life.

My experiences have made me the person I am today. I value not things but people more. I keep myself close to experiences which help me evolve as a person better than yesterday. I don’t judge people based on prejudices. Company of friends and strangers both alike have been instrumental in shaping me through thick and thin… and then strangers turn into friends. This is the beauty of my cycling community.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison

My story doesn’t end here….I look forward to the year 2020 as a new chapter of my story, which unfolds with new challenges and subsequently RAAM & London-Edinburgh-London in 2021… Paris-Breset-Paris 2023 is also on the cards.

And I want to keep going …. Looking forward to the challenges ahead and memories to cherish for the lifetime…Rise and Shine!!!

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“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body. But rather, to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming... WOW… What a ride!!!”

- Mark Frost


The chronology of performances have been tabulated below:-

Ser No Event Loc Duration Position Remarks
1. Super Randonneur (Recognised by Audax Club Parisien) Nashik 2017 SR Title Completed 02 SR series
2. Ultra Spice Race 2017

(1000 km)

Goa - Mangalore - Goa 26 Jan - 31 Jan 2017 WINNER

First Indian to qualify for RAAM in any race above 400 miles

(55 Hours 45 Mins)

3. Race Around Austria 2017

(2200 km)

Austria 09 Aug - 14 Aug 2017 Fifth First Indian to successfully complete the arduous race in Alps (99 Hours 53 Mins)
4. Ultra Spice Race 2018 (1750 km) Goa  - Ooty - Goa 27 Jan - 01 Feb 2018 Third 113 Hours 49Mins
5. Lokmat Marathon (42 km) Nashik 19 Feb 2018 Finisher 04 Hours 04 Mins

Race Across America – 2018

(5000 km)

USA 14 Jun – 22 Jun 2018 Crew Member for a US Team Team Sea To See became the first blind/VI team to finish RAAM
7. Deccan Cliffhanger 2018 (645 km) Pune - Goa 21 Nov - 22 Nov 2018 Fifth 26 Hours 07 Mins
8. Ultra Spice Race 2019 (1750 km) Goa - Ooty - Goa 26 Jan - 31 Jan 2019 WINNER Holding course record with timing of 95 Hours 47 Mins

Race Across America - 2019

World`s Toughest Bicycle Race

(5000 km)

West Coast -

East Coast (USA)

11 Jun - 23 Jun 2019 Did Not Start Had to withdraw from the race due to Collar bone fracture during a training ride in the USA
10. Bliss in the Hills 2019

(1200 km)

India 07 Sep - 10 Sep 2019 Finisher 87 Hours 40 Mins
11. Kashmir to Kanyakumari

Solo Cycling Expedition (K2K)

India 21 Oct - 29 Oct 2019 Guinness Record

08 Days 09 Hours & 48 Minutes.

Record also listed by World Ultra Cycling Association (WUCA)


Ultra Spice Race 2020 (1750 km)


Goa - Ooty - Goa 25 Jan - 30 Jan 2020 WINNER Won the Ooty KOM (King of Mtn)
13. Virtual Everesting Challenge ZWIFT 10 April 2020 HALL OF FAME Member Only Indian to do it


Race Across America – 2020

(5000 km)

West Coast -

East Coast (USA)

16 Jun – 28 Jun 2020

Did Not Start

Race cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic


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